Meet the Solusyion team

A team of highly professional Emergency Management and Forensics subject matter experts. We specialize in Disaster Victim Identification processes. Effective, respectful recovery of human remains following a multiple fatality.

Meet the people who make it happen.

Chris Kiez

Design, Training & Operations

Chris Kiez has been a police officer for over 32 years. After obtaining an honours degree in political science/international affairs, Kiez became a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). In the RCMP, he worked in Federal Enforcement, Drugs Section, as well as being a member of the elite RCMP Emergency Response Team (SWAT).

In 1999, Kiez undertook a United Nations mission in Bosnia, which included investigating mass grave sites and war crimes while enforcing the Dayton Accord in very challenging conditions. Upon returning to Canada from Bosnia, Kiez began a twelve year path in the Ottawa Police forensics unit. Kiez was ultimately chosen to develop the Ottawa Police Service’s entire response for mass fatality events.

Kiez also designed the Temporary Morgue Facility™, and after acquiring patent protection globally on the design, he began SOLUSYION as a means to bring a better, comprehensive system forward for emergency managers worldwide. A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces (Infantry), Chris has a broad range of experience, training and education (BA Honours Political Science).

Kiez is very active in photography, spending free time photographing the American southwestern deserts or anywhere in his beautiful country of Canada.

Sam Roberts

Vice President
Course & Exercise Development, Operations

Sam Roberts has been a Police Officer for over 25 years. During his policing career, he has worked in General Patrol, Aerial Surveillance, Tactical Response, Emergency Management and Forensic Identification, where he has spent over half of his career. He is also a former commercial airline pilot. As a Marine Mechanical Engineer, he served in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Policing and a Master of Emergency Management where his research revolved around active shooter and active threat incidents.

Sam also facilitates Crisis Management and Critical Incident Stress and Incident Management Systems Programs as part of the Algonquin College Emergency Management program.

Marc Benson

Project Manager

Marc Benson joined the SOLUSYION team in 2018 after a long term, successful career in law enforcement after 34 years serving the citizens of the Nation’s Capital. During his tenure with OPS, he worked in various areas throughout the organization including Patrol Services, Criminal and Drug Investigations, Traffic Enforcement, Traffic Escorts (Heads of State, VIP etc.), Special Events Planning, and Forensic Investigation.

Benson brings a vast knowledge of crime scene management to the SOLUSYION team. He has received extensive training in crime scene investigations and the recovery of human remains having been involved in numerous homicide and sudden death investigations. Benson is a certified pilot as well as being an accomplished photographer, concentrating on landscape and wildlife photography in his spare time.

Julie Vaillant

Project Manager

Julie Vaillant has spent over 30 years in law enforcement, the majority of which was investigative in nature. Vaillant spent 10 years as an accredited Homicide Investigator and Major Case Manager in the Ottawa Police Major Crimes Unit.

Vaillant has worked both in the trenches as an investigator, as well as a senior level manager in Major Crimes investigations. Vaillant has facilitated Senior Police Administration Courses, gaining valuable project management experience both in front line investigations and as a manager. Her last 13 years in law enforcement was spent in Covert Operations, a highly specialized and technical field.

This unique experience helped Vaillant develop a broad skill set, with a highly developed understanding of risk mitigation. Vaillant’s strengths include her ability to interact with others, her negotiation skills and her leadership. Acting in a senior role in the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario, Vaillant has formed strong partnerships across Canada and the USA. Vaillant is fully bilingual (English and French).

Karen Collins

Course & Exercise Development, Operations

With a combined 26 years in both the policing field and the medico-legal death investigation field, Karen Collins has served as a sworn Police Officer, Coroner, and civilian police emergency planner.

As a subject matter expert in disaster victim identification (DVI), Collins has had the opportunity to lead a national fatality management working group and a provincial (BC) DVI task force. She super-specializes in the search, excavation and recovery of human remains. With a BA in Archaeology/Criminology, a B-Tech in Forensic Science, MA in Disaster Emergency Management, a certificate in Critical Incident Stress Management and ABCP and CRM designations, Collins focuses her research on ethical decision-making/considerations in fatality management.

Collins also spends considerable time volunteering to support responders deploying to and returning from critical and mass fatality incidents. In her spare time, Collins teaches forensic and emergency management courses at the BC Institute of Technology and the Justice Institute of BC.