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Pictures speak a thousand words. The SOLUSYION Field Morgue System is unlike any portable field morgue system on the market. SOLUSYION, however, is novel, in two major respects:

Unique interior arrangement

The patented SOLUSYION Field Morgue System allows for 30 full size body trays and 220 square feet of storage in a container 40′ long.

Unsurpassed functionality

Most temporary morgues that are designed for use at the scene of a disaster remind us of the difference between a restaurant kitchen and a picnic basket. Full of compromises to make the system portable; flimsy, tricky to use and very cramped inside. The SOLUSYION Field Morgue System is exactly like being in a real brick and mortar hospital morgue. No fold-down body racks or rickety stacking systems.

Full-on functionality, unsurpassed durability and tough-as-nails construction. Meet your worst day with the best equipment possible.