SOLUSYION 1-2-3-System

It took us years to develop the solusyion 1-2-3-System. You can learn all about it below.

SOLUSYION (pronounced “SOLUTION”), is a multiple fatality management system started by two long service Canadian police officers. The company founders have military backgrounds (see our bio page) and considerable policing experience in the forensics world. Our company name is a blend of two languages which represent the concepts of a “Sole Solution”, or SOLUSYION.

SOLUSYION began because we had a problem that we wanted to right, a problem we wanted to solve. The problem was a lack of simple, reliable organized responses for mass fatality management.

  1. SOLUSYION offers you the practical, tiered system that works. We provide your responders with clear pathways to the best response;
  2. SOLUSYION’s revolutionary Field Morgue System offers overflow body storage at the site of your multiple fatality incident. The Field Morgue System™ also provides long term secure storage at hospitals and funeral homes, providing welcome relief to terrible overflow crisis situations;
  3. SOLUSYION’s On-Site Training quickly gets your responders ready and confident.

Our research and experience brought shows there are common problems in the world of multiple fatality planning:

  • Every municipality in the world needs to have a ready response to manage a single crisis that generates more fatalities than local resources can manage;
  • Almost every municipality in the world has more resources than they realize;
  • These same municipalities often fail to plan for mass fatality events;
  • The common problems we set out to solve were lack of planning, poor planning, duplication of effort and the lack of communication between groups that should be cooperating.

What is The Result of These Common Problems?

  • Confusion;
  • Chaos;
  • Poor response performance.

The Impact? Bad results.

  • Bad results break the trust of the community who believed that you actually had a viable plan to recover their loved ones’ remains from the site of a mass fatality;
  • The social impact of this poor performance is generational in lifespan. Breaking trust runs deep rifts between the community and your agency;
  • As professionals, we owe it to the people we serve to do better.

The Answer?

At SOLUSYION, we’ve created a superior system that will integrate with your response. Why?

Because we’ve kept it simple. We’ve crafted our system knowing that staffing shortages are common and that equipment issues are endemic. We know there needs to be a way to organize your resources to get the best response possible in motion when disaster strikes, despite these common challenges.

SOLUSYION doesn’t just sell a multiple fatality management system. SOLUSYION sells the possibility of what you can do with our system. Professionals working together, making your world a better place.

When a multiple fatality occurs, chaos tends to ensue. The best means of managing the worst day of your life is by calmly applying a methodical, best-practice response. Which is like saying stay focused in the boxing ring while punches rain down on you.

Worldwide, emergency responders are applying established practices of incident management. This is a good thing.

Incident management systems give a broad, high level template for response to an emergency. Figuring out your way around a multiple fatality–how to locate, document and remove all human remains from an incident site–requires subject matter expertise. Research. Understanding of how disaster victim identification is done to the modern standard. Improvising on the go is like trying to paint a masterpiece while jogging.

SOLUSYION gives your Incident Commanders the ability to follow a road map through the specific challenges of mass fatality incidents.

Five overall incident categories of mass fatality, based on hazards identification risk assessments. With clear steps on how to proceed to obtain the best results possible.

Tailored to your jurisdiction, with lists of local hospitals, contacts, resources and specialized information unique to your area of concern.

SOLUSYION empowers local agencies to use their resources and our system to turn crisis to control, fast.

The SOLUSYION 1-2-3-System is a process of empowering municipalities, agencies, private and public sector groups with a 1-2-3 punch against the chaos and confusion of a mass fatality event.

The current way to manage a mass fatality events is to panic and improvise. Finally, many will respond by hiring consultants or emergency management experts to assist them through.

  • The pros of this method are, that you get some pretty skilled, experienced people to work your emergency;
  • The cons are, you will pay huge fees, and your expensive consultants will often not be experienced with local, state, or even federal law and practices like your own staff are. Friction and conflict ensue;
  • And, when you need these experts back for court proceedings or inquests, expect another round of jaw-dropping bills.

With SOLUSYION, we don’t just do things better, we do things differently. Read on to see how we can help you.

The “1” of the 1-2-3 is the SOLUSYION Protocol Set System.

The “2” is the Field Morgue System.

The “3” is our On-Site training.

SOLUSYION Protocol Sets™. These are a series of guidelines that organize Incident Commanders to put their limited resources to best use. Rather than hire expensive outside consultants, the SOLUSYION Protocol Sets give Incident Commanders the road map to turn the situation around:

  • Start to Finish procedures lists, that get right to the necessary action, fast. This allows Incident Commanders to be guided as little–or as much–as they need to best manage a volatile, changing and challenging situation.
  • Think of SOLUSYION’s Protocol Sets as a martial art that has no formal bowing, ritual or confusing language. When you’re in the fight, time is critical. So get your response right, right from the start!
  • SOLUSYION Protocol Sets are all field-proven reality, and not confusing theory! When the situation is out of control, who needs to read a dense, theoretical textbook or a wormhole of policy and procedure that’s out of date and inapplicable;
  • We get you right into the fight using proven techniques that work; in all weather, in all hazards and conditions.
  • As importantly, our procedures are forged from years of working in the reality of staffing shortages, equipment failure, political interference and court challenges. SOLUSYION Protocol Sets anticipate just about everything, so you don’t have to.
  • SOLUSYION uses copyrighted SOLUSYION Checklysts, a brilliant system that responders wear into the field on a lanyard or carry in a cargo pant pocket. Why do you want Checklysts?
  • Checklysts allow responders to follow peer reviewed best practices in the field, to ensure excellent performance and standards achievement by the untrained responder.
  • Checklysts ensure that you can supplement your resources with outside agency staff, quickly.
  • Back fill your response with incoming help right away. No more crowds of responders, standing around drinking coffee, waiting for an organized direction to get them going. Checklysts allow the newly arrived reinforcements to quickly integrate into the operation and perform at a high skill level with no formal multiple fatality response training.

The revolution in multiple fatality response continues!

The SOLUSYION Field Morgue System (FMS) is the “2” of the 1-2-3-System:

The FMS™ is a patented design (Worldwide) that uses a novel, unique arrangement to get 30 full size body trays (20 regular, 10 bariatric) into a 29″/8.8 meter long rugged steel container.

Using a highly durable CORTEN steel body, the SOLUSYION FMS allows hospital-like storage at the site of your mass fatality, combined with a bullet-proof exterior and a stainless interior.

The FMS can transport empty or full.

From the floor up:

  • Floor is waterproof and extremely puncture resistant spray-in polyurethane over marine grade plywood;
  • Interior racking and body trays are either 304L medical grade stainless steel, or 316L stainless, which has specific anti-corrosion properties for CBRNE or HazMat applications;
  • Pneumatic rugged body trolley or hand-cranked fork lifts raise heavy bodies up and down safely and with ease, as well as maximizing use of space;
  • Walls and ceiling are stainless for ease of disinfection and cleaning;
  • All interior lighting and power outlets for charging laptops and tablets are waterproofed;
  • Body trolley means no heavy lifting; trolley is pneumatic and fork lift is hand operated; none of these systems never needs a battery. No batteries means always being ready;
  • All trays have patented retention systems to allow transport with or without remains, by land, heavy lift helicopter, rail or sea.
  • No compromises; this system operates in the worst disaster conditions like a real hospital morgue.
  • Insulation and highly dependable HVAC systems cool and heat the unit to maintain ideal internal temps. In ANY weather. Rain, snow, sleet or high humidity.

SOLUSYION On-Site is the specific training tailored to your needs. When you buy the SOLUSYION 1-2-3 System, we consult with your services to create the training needed to make sure that your city, state, province or region are ready.

Combine the response abilities of SOLUSYION Protocol Sets with the unique, patented Field Morgue System™ and you have a plan for action that is sound, and a body storage system that will last generations.

On-Site is our arrangement of having our professionals at SOLUSYION attend your location, to show your people how to use the SOLUSYION 1-2-3 System. On-Site is a five day, approximately 40 hour training schedule. Our team members will lecture your staff with multimedia presentations designed to impact and awaken the listener. Classroom presentations are followed by hands-on tutorials and familiarization with the systems. We leave your staff with hard copy and electronic course material so there is confidence and capability. We even contact your Incident Commanders every six months for the first three years to touch base and make sure things are working properly.

  • At SOLUSYION, we want to empower you;
  • We believe in teaching a person to fish instead of feeding them a fish;
  • On-Site is the jewel in the crown of the SOLUSYION system, as we tie the system all together for your staff to understand;
  • We want to give your agency the long-term ability to manage a multiple fatality better than ever. No need to rely on outside agencies that don’t know how things work in your jurisdiction;
  • Outside agencies often charge prohibitive fees, impose back-breaking cost recovery programs and can interfere with the way things work in your neck of the woods.

SOLUSYION’s 1-2-3-System empowers your staff with the ability to manage chaos into order, FAST. Mass casualty events create lasting damage and trauma to entire regions. Our goal is to equip your organization with the tools to push back.

Do your own research. Check online, talk to experts, read academic studies. You’ll come back to the SOLUSYION 1-2-3-System and realize that we’ve done the work and research so that you don’t need to.

Government and organizational systems will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in research to determine the most optimal response to mass casualty.

Save your organization that expense and time trying to figure it all out under crisis.

Combine SOLUSYION Protocol Sets with the patented SOLUSYION Field Morgue System, and tie it all together with SOLUSYION On-Site training to familiarize your staff with our simple, effective system. Our professionals will leave your teams confident, capable and ready.

Multiple fatality considerations:

  1. To be able to process a scene for a multiple fatality event, you’re going to need a series of procedures and guidelines that direct and assist incident commanders. Having a vague idea of what to do will give poor results. SOLUSYION gets your response out of the gate, fast. Organized and effective. Based on best practices.
  2. Organizations think they’ll just improvise when a multiple fatality incident occurs. Some managers have a vague thought of how to house the overflow of human remains. That they’ll just commandeer tractor trailers, or rent tents, or somehow acquire pop up shelters, or just take over ice rinks… these are the common knee-jerk reflex options. And they’re terrible choices. We don’t look at the competition and say, “We do it better.” We do it better because we do things differently. At SOLUSYION, we’ve chosen to make multiple fatality management different, and to make the process not just good, but great.

Improving your overflow body storage in the eye of the storm leads to terrible choices and long-term negative results.

  • Tractors and trailers need to be precisely matched, or you will have frozen bodies or overheated ones. DNA damage and decay. These are not acceptable outcomes;
  • Where do you get mortuary racking for a food-hauling trailer, in the middle of a crisis? How do you retrofit a trailer that’s designed to haul potatoes, not human remains? Even if you can locate mortuary racking quickly–you won’t–there’s a severe limitation in capacity because trailers are long and narrow with rear entry, making the storage line the walls that can only be accessed as high as your staff can lift. Which is waist height, which is lots of wasted space;
  • Once you’ve stored human remains in a trailer, do you really think that trailer is going back to haul food on highways? This is the 21st Century. We have multi cultural societies with social and religious considerations that would create a huge community push back if loved ones were stored in a trailer one week and used to haul food the next. You need a dedicated field morgue system not just to have a rapid response; it’s the ethically correct thing to do;
  • If you do choose a tractor-trailer as your morgue, after your event, you’ll find out that trailers need lots of regular maintenance. Weekly start ups for brakes and hydraulics, checks for fluid levels, tire pressures, etc.
  • In operation, trailers need fairly constant monitoring. And their lifespan is not that of a sea container;
  • Tents are challenging to set up in poor weather and high wind;
  • Tents cannot be moved with remains inside if there’s a second attack, an after-shock tremor or secondary associated weather event. You’re stuck on location with your tent;
  • Tents seem to have two people in the whole organization who know how to set them up, and those employees are always on vacation when the tent needs setting up;
  • Tents are tricky to heat and cool in extremes of weather;
  • Pull behind trailers require awkward work to get remains in and out of the unit;
  • Pull behind trailers have thin walls and reduced durability compared to a sea container;
  • Pull behind trailers cannot be airlifted if large distance or wrecked roads need to be covered;
  • Ice rinks and community centers are a terrible choice; if your event is a long distance from your rink or social center, you will split precious resources to move bodies from the site to the distant rink. Having an on-site purpose-designed field morgue is critical;
  • Ice rinks are built to provide maximum visibility to visitors; so if you use your rink as the Family Resource Center for the event, everyone walking in sees rows of bodies on the ice, re-traumatizing the families of the deceased;
  • Ice rinks cause bodies to freeze where the ice meets the remains, yet temperature is poorly controlled only inches off the ice. Remains get damaged by freeze-thaw cycles;
  • If your event is an infrastructure fail and you have no electricity, how are you keeping the bodies that are piling up in the rink cool?
  • Do members of devout religious groups in today’s multicultural societies want to see people playing hockey, laughing and spitting on ice that was hallowed ground where their loved ones lay only a week prior?

Emergency Managers NEED to factor in a field morgue system before crisis strikes.


Everyone comes to this FAQ first!

“Your system sounds great”, people ask, “so it must cost a pile, right?”

Wrong. Consider the cost of multiple fatality management now;

  • Specialist companies that bring in shockingly expensive service menus;
  • Makeshift field morgues that are surprisingly expensive while being complicated to use, expensive to maintain and likely to have a short (decade or less) life span;
  • Ridiculously expensive “consultants” who bankrupt your quarterly budget in a week.

SOLUSYION is much more affordable than we should be. Because we believe in making the world a better place. It sounds trite, doesn’t it? But in fact, it’s true.

The people at SOLUSYION are not about making an off shore bank account fat on the backs of those who suffer. We’re all lifer cops, who have lived the middle class family-and-mortgage existence for years. We don’t take advantage of an agency’s need to prepare for multiple fatality management by billing through the nose. We make a reasonable profit based on excellent products and unfailing customer support. We’ve worked in the trenches. No one at SOLUSYION is a show horse.

SOLUSYION hires the hardest working, most intelligent and creative people I’ve ever met. We are not in this to get rich. We will give you a product and level of service that separates us from the rest.

The result? Choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze packages.


Protocol Sets + Field Morgue System + On-Site. The full package to manage a wide variety of multiple fatality events. Field Morgue System™ is available by fixed lease rates to best accommodate your budget and needs.


Field Morgue System only.

  • You may need extra mortuary storage for overflow issues resulting from natural death surge, opiod crisis, etc.;
  • You don’t need the Protocol Sets, because disaster victim identification isn’t your need;
  • Affordable, long-lasting, functional overflow body storage is your need;
  • The Field Morgue System is an extremely competitive in cost with other morgue options. Lease schedules can go head to head with competitors’ offerings (tents and trailers that have no where near the durability of a sea container);
  • The Field Morgue System has a lifespan measured in quarter-to-half centuries, not in the few years offered by tented systems and fiberglass trailers;
  • Our system is lower maintenance than most, if not all, other systems. Leases include service contracts for worry free operation;
  • Our large design gets 30 full human bodies in a footprint that is only 29′ long, our small design gets 18 bodies into a 20′ container;
  • SOLUSYION’s Field Morgue System can be moved by air, road, rail or sea;
  • SOLUSYION provides the original, patented Field Morgue System.

A product package that is better than the competition at a price that beats the competition.


Protocol Sets only.

Our Protocol Sets™ are reasonably priced, to cover our costs for printing (hard copy) and app development (electronic version) and tech upgrades. You get both when you buy from us; hard copy sets and the licensed Apps.

  • Protocol Set Apps are customized for your specific jurisdiction, with specific maps, contact lists and other data from your region, written into the system. We develop your jurisdiction-specific protocol sets based on information you will provide to SOLUSYION in the process of customizing your protocol sets.
  • Protocol Set Apps™ work with or without internet connection. Because when your disaster strikes, cell phones and gizmos get sidelined. So we’ve thought of that, and we’re providing you with a system made for the darkest day you’ll ever encounter.
  • It’s Economics 101 for us. A product we respectfully believe is better than the competition, at a price that beats the competition. SOLUSYION is a revolutionary system ahead of its time, and in many respects, SOLUSYION has no competition!

The final exact cost depends on current steel prices, the number of units you buy, shipping and taxes.We’re not selling a $20 widget online here, so exact prices take a bit of fine tuning. That said;

  • Protocol Sets are a hard copy Protocol Set (5 separate event categories) and licenses for Protocol Sets in App form, with electronic and hard copy updates free;
  • The Field Morgue System is delivered anywhere in North America;
  • On-Site is based on a 40+ hour training week, plus our travel costs.

We IMPLORE you to check the prices of the tent and trailer options of our competitors for field morgue systems alone! Check out the costs of private emergency response services to process your multiple fatality incident while you’re at it.

Make sure you compare apples to apples; a trailer that carries 18 bodies may be less expensive than our Field Morgue System. BUT, that trailer’s capacity is also just over half our large unit’s capacity. And a trailer can’t be airlifted, left to run for months in bad weather or be expected to last over 25 years. And refrigerated trailers need lots of maintenance when not in use (hydraulics, tires, brakes). Our Field Morgue does not. Just saying. Compare apples to apples, and you’ll see:

  • SOLUSYION’s Field Morgue System of either size is incredibly rugged and long lasting;
  • Low to no maintenance;
  • Incredibly functional, working inside like a real hospital morgue, not an improvised one;
  • Can move a variety of ways, including airlift (empty or full);
  • It’s just the most brilliant design out there. And it’s why it has a unique patent in the USA, Canada and other parts of the world.

In a word, no. But before you go away angry, read on.

There are companies out there that will send you specialists and equipment. We ask you to research portable mortuary systems and multiple fatality response websites, so you can do some comparison shopping. Make sure you’re sitting down when you see some of the prices, by the way. Not to mention, if you hire experts and consultants to do what many of your staff can easily learn to do, will those experts be there years later for court, for inquests and follow ups? Maybe not. But you will be.

We believe in teaching you to fish, rather than feeding you a fish every day. We provide you a series of guides in the Protocols Sets™ that get your response on the field quickly and effectively.

We provide you with the most durable, cleverly-designed field morgue available. We make it plug and play and incorporate enough signage and handling instructions that most responsible adults can operate it in all conditions of confusion, stress and bad weather.

And with On-Site, we tie it all together so that your staff know what to do when the time comes. We have intentionally made passing on the knowledge of how to run the system simple.

For an affordable price, we provide you with the guidance and equipment to manage a multiple fatality that you would not be able to deal with normally. We free you from the need to hire incredibly expensive outside help.

We don’t want the call from you at three in the morning asking us how to work the mass casualty. Not because we’re mean, but because if we do our job right, we can leave and say with confidence, “You have this!” And you will have it. We’re about empowering communities with the ability to take back control. We’re not about enabling agencies with the need to rely forever on outside experts and their ever-mounting fees.

We’re about fixing what’s broken in multiple fatality management, not creating your dependence on outside consultants and experts that keep your community chest empty.

And yes, rest assured, if you really need our help, and if you call, we will come. But seriously, we want you to stand on your own two feet so you can face multiple fatality in the best possible way, and SOLUSYION makes it possible.

The SOLUSYION Field Morgue System is a unique design protected by patent in the USA, Canada and abroad.

We’re the FIRST with this evolutionary design, and we do, modestly speaking, make the best field morgue system of this kind!

Go with the best! we’re not the most expensive, we leave that to our competitors.

We are, however, the original.

And the best!

Please check our competitors in the field of temporary field morgues and multiple fatality response. We encourage you to check their products, 100%. We have nothing negative to say about any competitor, and we have nothing to hide. We openly encourage our potential new clients to check everything else on the market. We are confident you’ll come back to SOLUSYION.

Please go to our contact page, fill out the form and send it to us. Or, call our 1-800 number listed at the bottom of this page.

We will answer all your questions while walking you through a checklist of questions so we can better understand your needs and the specific challenges or issues with respect to your jurisdiction;

We will keep you informed of next steps and keep pricing honest and accurate throughout;

Project managers will stay connected to your purchasing department every step of the way.

We make the process simple, straightforward and rewarding.